motorcycle taxi airport: a quick and efficient solution

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motorcycle taxi airport: a quick and efficient solution

Do you want to go to or from the airport? Discover the unavoidable service of motorcycle taxi at the airport which will allow you to get to your destination while staying on time. Indeed, wherever you are in the Paris area and whatever the traffic difficulties, you can use this service to quickly get out of the traffic jams. You can make your reservation for motorcycle taxi at the airport via the Motocab website, or by phone at 01 53 90 14 01.

The motorcycle taxi service at the airport: a high level of service

Motocab has a solid experience in the field of motorcycle transportation. Our main concern is to provide everyone with a high level of service. That's why we want everyone to be able to benefit from a quality service from motorcycle taxi to the airport.
This mode of transportation allows you to reach your destination quickly while maintaining a certain level of comfort during your trip. Thanks to this promise kept by Motocab, the service of motorcycle taxi at the airport has become widely known and often used because of the many advantages it provides you.
Motocab is in charge of the transfer of many employees, executives and even managers. We also take care of driving many personalities from the world of media and entertainment due to the efficiency and speed of our services.

We have the most important fleet of motorcycle taxi in order to meet all your expectations. Moreover, our policy of recruitment of the pilots is particularly strict and we made the choice to propose only top-of-the-range motor bikes: Honda Goldwing 1800, a reference in this environment!
Thus, as you will have understood, Motocab imposes rigor and requirement of work so that the service of motorcycle taxi at the airport that we propose is of a great quality and ensures you a high level of professionalism.

Your motorcycle taxi at the airport always available for you

Is your plane delayed? Don't panic, your motorcycle taxi at the airport can wait for you without you having to pay extra! Indeed, we take the information concerning your flight directly at the airport. Therefore, the flight tracking is done with great accuracy.
Even if you have to face a big flight delay, Motocab will make sure that a motorcycle taxi at the airport is there waiting for you. Upon landing, you will have 20 minutes to reach your driver.
By respecting this time frame, even if your plane was delayed, you will not pay any additional fees. After this time, a delay charge will be applied according to the general conditions in force.

How to find your motorcycle taxi pilot at the airport?

Airports are well known to be particularly large and composed of multiple exits. That's why, in order to easily find your driver, we will communicate you a precise meeting point by email and by SMS.
It will be possible by going to the indicated exit, to cross several motorcycle cabs at the airport. In order to save time, your driver will send you an SMS reminding you of the meeting point, as soon as he arrives in the area.
Moreover, you will even receive a link to his picture in order to find him easily among all the Motocab drivers who will be present.