Hourly or daily availability


Hourly or daily availability

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How does a hourly rental work?

Need a motorcycle for an hour or more?

You may need to leave a meeting in a hurry, but you don't know exactly what time it will end. You can book the motorcycle in hourly rental that will wait for you for the necessary time and you will be sure that your motorcycle taxi is there when you need it.

Price of a hourly rental of motorcycle taxi

The hourly rental is for Paris and the first two crowns.
The hourly rate is 78 Euros.
For a half day (4 hours) is 310 Euros.
By the day (8 hours) is 495 Euros.

When to use a hourly rental instead of booking a ride?

It's the ideal solution for tours to sites in the Paris area, meetings throughout Paris or a day of frantic shopping! Your motorcycle taxi stays with you until you leave.