motorcycle taxi CDG, Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport

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motorcycle taxi CDG, Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport

The motorcycle taxi in Roissy, a necessary service!

motorcycle taxi Roissy CDG

Roissy airport, France's largest hub, covers 3,257 hectares, 23 kilometers northeast of Paris.

Motocab's motorcycle taxi service in Roissy allows you to reach one of the three Roissy terminals from any point in the Paris region in record time, regardless of traffic difficulties.

Rates from motorcycle taxi to Roissy

taxi moto Roissy CDG - Paris: 97 €

taxi moto Roissy CDG - La défense: 97 €

taxi moto Roissy CDG - moto taxi à Orly: 137 €

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Your plane is delayed? Your motorcycle taxi at Roissy is waiting for you at no extra cost!

At Motocab, we take flight information directly from the Paris airports website for more accuracy.
We perform a dynamic flight tracking updated by our reservation system every 5 minutes. Have no doubt, your motorcycle taxi will be present when you get off the plane even if your flight is delayed at Roissy CDG. The dispatchers will do their best to optimize the schedules of Motocab pilots and guarantee you a perfect punctuality. You have 20 minutes after the landing of your flight to find your driver without any additional cost. Beyond that time, a delay charge will be applied according to the general conditions in force.

What to do in case of emergency to have a motorcycle taxi in Roissy?

In case of emergency, you can contact our reservation center by phone, they will be able to geolocate the driver of motorcycle taxi closest to you. We make more than 72% of our trips between Paris and the airports (Roissy CDG or Orly), it is quite likely that we will find you a solution within a reasonable time.

However, beware of the Friday night period, as the motorcycle taxi in ParisRoissy and Orly are crowded, so we advise you to book your trip in advance through our website or our application.

How much of a margin do you need to take off?

If you plan to book a motorcycle taxi at Roissy, we advise you to allow at least 1h30 of margin before the scheduled takeoff time (1h for medium and short flights).
Contact our reservation center for a precise estimate of your transfer time from the Paris area to Roissy CDG airport. Generally speaking, allow 45 minutes from Paris.

The Orly-Roissy connection is a classic of the complicated connection for the Parisian airports. With an average duration of 50 minutes, it is usually necessary to add a 10 minute delay including the pick up on our motorcycle taxi and the loading of your luggage on our Honda Goldwing (the favorite motorcycle of our customers and motorcycle cabs).

What are the meeting points for motorcycle taxi at Roissy CDG?

motorcycle taxi Roissy T1: Gate 2 at the level of the departures

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 A : Gate 8

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 B : Gate 8

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 C : Gate 14

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 D : Gate 7

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 E: Gate 8 arrivals level (lower level)

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 F: Gate 8 arrivals level (lower level)

motorcycle taxi Roissy T2 G : Taxi exit

motorcycle taxi Roissy T3 : In front of the only door of the arrivals

The airport of Roissy Charles de Gaulle is huge, it is almost impossible to find your way around without a very precise meeting point with your pilot from motorcycle taxi. This is why he will be waiting for you just outside the terminal, at the gate indicated on your motorcycle taxi confirmation received by email and SMS. It is not uncommon to find at the exit of a terminal at CDG a dozen motorcycle cabs waiting for their client. At the moment of his arrival, your driver will send you an SMS with a reminder of the meeting point as well as a link to his picture in order to recognize him easily.

How long does it take to transfer to motorcycle taxi to Roissy ?

Unfortunately the travel time by car to reach Roissy CDG airport from Paris is very long. A car cab can take between 45 minutes and 2 hours to reach your boarding terminal from Paris. The 17 kilometers that separate the Porte de la Chapelle from the entrance of the CDG complex are almost always saturated and it is difficult to consider getting to the airport without the use of a motorcycle taxi service. Therefore, the reservation of a motorcycle taxi at the airport is almost unavoidable for business trips.