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Comfort and safety:

You will be equipped with a full-face helmet adapted to your size with an internal single-use cap, a protective jacket and gloves.

Is bad weather expected during the trip? Your pilot of motorcycle taxi will provide you with rain gear, overboots and a Gore-Tex apron to cover your legs. Thus protected, and whatever the weather conditions, your outfit at the end of the trip will be impeccable.


The vehicle's large trunk and side cases can accommodate your carry-on luggage, as well as two additional bags, such as a briefcase or laptop computer. A "luggage rack" allows you to hang luggage that does not fit in the various trunks of the motorcycle.


Then, comfortably installed in an ergonomic and heated passenger seat, you will be able to see that your rider, assisted by the on-board GPS system, has perfect control of his route, and to appreciate the ability of your motorcycle to avoid all the traffic jams that never fail to punctuate Parisian traffic, especially during rush hour. All you have to do is relax, or, thanks to the on-board communication system, listen to the radio in your helmet or make a phone call. A few dozen minutes later, you arrive at the exact location of your appointment, fresh and ready.


MOTOCAB's fleet consists exclusively of Honda Goldwing 1800 cm3. The company supervises the maintenance and ensures a daily control for a safety on our motorcycles safety on our motorcycles. The motorcycles are fully serviced every six weeks.

A true vessel on two wheels, this model is the benchmark in terms of road comfort and stability.
But comfort is not the only quality of the vehicle, the very modern ABS/DCBS braking system allows quick and efficient stops.
The engine provides exemplary acceleration, and allows for a smooth ride with a passenger and luggage.

The pilots:

MOTOCAB drivers are the most experienced in the business. Their driving skills combined with their experience of Parisian traffic make them the ideal partners for your business trips.

The level of aptitude for transporting people by motorcycle required in the selection of MOTOCAB drivers is very high. The minimum age requirement is 30 years old, with a minimum of ten years since obtaining the driving license. Each applicant's insurance information must also show a total absence of claims - with or without liability - for the last five years.
After a series of individual interviews, the candidates who meet these criteria are evaluated during road tests while getting to know the vehicle. This is followed by a training period during which the pilot, in charge of a machine, accompanies experienced pilots in their transfers but without taking a passenger on board. It is only at the end of this training period, and after having received the approval of his supervisor, that the MOTOCAB pilot will be able to make his first transfers.

Evaluation and follow-up:

Even if customers can choose their favorite drivers on the Motocab application (or refuse them), we do not delegate the quality management of the service to our customers. The pilots are regularly tested in order to refine their driving and relational qualities.


All vehicles are insured for the transport of people for a fee. Our privileged partner AXA has structured a product perfectly adapted to our activity. Bodily injuries are fully covered.