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motorcycle taxi and Covid-19?

First of all, the motorcycle taxi allows you to travel in an unconfined space.
You have no contact with the pilot who has been trained in the barrier gestures in the exercise of his job motorcycle taxi against the coronavirus.
A cap, gloves, hydro-alcoholic gel and a mask are provided for each trip. More information on our page dedicated to the Covid 19

Are you the leader of motorcycle taxi and what are the benefits for me?

We are indeed to date the operator carrying out the most routes in Ile de France. Our size allows us to optimize the routes of our drivers and to offer you the best quality of service of motorcycle taxi (top of the range vehiclesequipment, availability, etc.) and this at a controlled price.

Tariff motorcycle taxi, is it expensive ?

Time is money! MOTOCAB's rates are perfectly in line with the quality of the service offered and the substantial time saving in your daily schedule. Most of our customers consider that the time saving and especially the guaranteed delivery time offered by MOTOCAB are much more profitable than the additional cost compared to traditional means of transportation.

Are you the cheapest?

No, not necessarily, on some routes, our competitors can be cheaper with less comfortable vehicles and a quality of driver not necessarily obvious.

I want to order a motorcycle taxi, how to do it ?

You can call our call our switchboard from 7:00 am to 9:30 pm on weekdays, book from our application (download), or from the homepage of our website.

How do I get the bill from my motorcycle taxi ?

From your first trip, a customer area is created for you. You can find your access on each of the confirmations that we have sent you. You can also find your identifiers from this page.

Why do you use the term motorcycle taxi and motorcycle passenger transport?

It is important to know that the name taxi-moto or moto-taxi is forbidden. Indeed, we are not subject to the same rules as cabs and we are not allowed to offer our services to non-reserved people. Therefore, no company can legitimately claim to be a motorcycle taxi or a motorcycle taxi in France.

How should I dress to get on your motorcycle cabs?

There are no special precautions to take! MOTOCAB provides you with all the material so that you are in perfect comfort and safety (rain gear, gloves, helmet, boots and an apron). The hygiene of the helmet is guaranteed by a disposable interior protection.

Do you follow the traffic rules?

Yes, our mission is to get you to your destination safely, and that includes respecting the rules of the road.

In winter, is it cold on a motorcycle taxi ?

Not at all. The bikes are equipped with heated seats and we also provide a lined jacket and winter gloves.

I don't know what time my meeting ends, can your motorcycle taxi wait for me?

Of course. If you have taken the precaution of informing the operator, we can block the motorcycle for as long as it takes, the delay charges will then be calculated precisely per minute. Solutions for hourly rental of our drivers are also available at 78 Euros per hour.

If my plane is late, is my motorcycle taxi waiting for me?

Yes, we provide flight tracking for all our clients. You will not be charged if your plane is delayed and your pilot will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Do you charge a waiting fee?

Oui. Comme tous les acteurs du transport en réservation, il faut bien payer les pilotes qui préfereraient être en train d'effectuer des trajets payants pendant ce temps là. Les retards sont facturés 1 € la minute avec 5 minutes offertes ou 20 minutes offertes aux aéroports.

It's raining, is it safe to take a MOTOCAB?

Yes, in case of rain, the company will provide you with the appropriate equipment in order to arrive at your destination in an impeccable outfit (gloves, overboots, apron, jacket). Moreover, our motorcycles are not small urban scooters, they are 450 Kgs motorcycles equipped with ABS and all the most modern active safety devices. They are made to ride for long hours in all weather conditions.

How old do I have to be to use MOTOCAB?

The Honda Goldwing offers the accessibility and comfort of a car. The only constraints are that the passenger must be in full possession of his means (we do not take passengers in a state of inebriation) and able to put his feet on the step (our youngest customer is 12 years old and the oldest 88 years old).

Can I take a motorcycle taxi without a reservation at the train station or at theairport ?

It is imperative to reserve your motorcycle taxi to ensure availability, but also because it is forbidden to practice our profession without prior reservation.

Do you have a motorcycle taxi available now?

There are only 500 motorcycle cabs in circulation in the Paris area, compared to approximately 20,000 VTCs and as many cabs. During off-peak hours, you have every chance of finding an available motorcycle. On the other hand, in the morning between 7:30 am and 10 am and in the evening between 4 pm and 8 pm, it is very difficult to get a motorcycle taxi without having reserved well in advance. Call the switchboard, an operator trained in telephone contact with the drivers will tell you right away if we have a motorcycle for you.

Can I hail a MOTOCAB on the street?

No. The regulations currently in force differentiate us from "classic" cabs, hence the impossibility of using the terms motorcycle taxi or motorcycle taxi, the pick-up can only be made following a reservation by phone, at 0153901401 or online, on our website from the homepage or the heading " book a transfer ".

Can I take a MOTOCAB in a skirt?

Yes, the motorcycles are equipped with a waterproof passenger apron that allows you to cover your legs and ensures a discreet trip. Moreover, our drivers can provide you with a long coat upon request.

Will my hair get messed up after a trip in a MOTOCAB?

Unfortunately, wearing a helmet does not guarantee the durability of the most fragile and sophisticated hairstyles. However, the use of a disposable helmet protector, provided to all our passengers, will allow you to avoid having to use a comb when you arrive.

How do you ensure the hygiene of the equipment?

Our equipment is regularly and completely cleaned by our pilots. Moreover, the internal protections of the helmets are single-use and are replaced after each use.

Sorry, I don't speak French...

We will be happy to help you as well. fell free to call our team: +33153901401.

I am in a hurry, I need a motorcycle taxi .

We guarantee to do everything possible to serve you as quickly as possible. Knowing the location of our drivers, we will be able to contact the one closest to you to ensure the shortest possible waiting time. If you want a guaranteed response time, we recommend that you subscribe to our Premium package. In any case, our pilots will not take any risk on the road at the request of a client in a hurry.

Does Motocab transport packages?

Not at all. It is another job that requires another type of insurance...and a different driver. We can however in case of deposit of delicate folds transport you or one of your collaborators to carry out the delivery in full safety.