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Call a motorcycle taxi 0153901401

You want to run errands in the city, reach your workplace or a meeting place without being late? In the Paris area, it is more preferable to opt for a means of transportation on two wheels to limit the traffic jams that you may encounter in cabs.

Motorcycle cab booking with Motocab

Motocab is the leading professional company in two-wheeled transport, based on a network of over 70 motorcycle cabs. Whether you are a private individual or a company, Motocab takes into account all types of clients in order to provide exemplary services. Local companies in Paris, international groups and organizations and auditing firms, many professionals trust Motocab as a supplier of motorcycle taxi experienced.

The company has a large fleet of motorcycles cabs always maintained, driven by professional drivers respecting the charters of their profession. Every driver at Motocab must undergo specific training before being operational in the field. Every six weeks, the motorcycles must be revised in case of technical failures. This process is quite costly, but it is the price to pay for providing customers with an impeccable quality of service and constant safety by using the services of Motocab, the reference in booking motorcycle taxi.

Work policy

Motocab prioritizes the quality of its services to all its customers who use the reservation system motorcycle taxi. It's not only a question of doing the shopping in record time, but of the whole service from the pick up to the drop off of the client. Any type of motorcycle transfer orly roissy is well studied and optimized in advance. Safety and punctuality are promised to the regular users of Motocab motorcycle cabs.

To ensure a better handling of its customers' calls, Motocab has placed its telephone operators in the suburbs of Boulogne Billancourt. This allows Motocab to be as close as possible to the market and to the reality of the field (urban and suburban traffic, access to the airport or Paris-Orly motorcycle).

As far as insurance is concerned, a close partnership with a prestigious insurance company and the implementation of specific contracts for the transport of people for a fee have been established. Any passenger transported on one of Motocab's motorcycles is fully covered by these special contracts and are in no way held responsible for any bodily, immaterial or material damage during the trip.

Book a motorcycle orly

At Orly airport, motorcycle cabs are an essential means to reach one city to another. For this service, Motocab offers honda goldwing motorcycles to its passengers. The journey between Paris - Orly, La Défense - Orly or Orly - Roissy seems shorter when you are on a motorcycle orly. The rate varies from 48 to 100 euros depending on the length of the journey and the particular constraints imposed by the customer (time, bringing additional materials...).

Whether it is a take-off or a landing at Orly airport, in both cases, you can always call upon Motocab's services. In the case of a landing, you will find your motorcycle driver next to his vehicle at gate D (Orly West airport) and gate L (Orly South terminal). At any time, Motocab's reservation service can be reached at 0153901401 if you are unable to locate the driver.

Book a motorcycle in Paris

To reserve a motorcycle taxi as a cab at roissy airport is more than a necessity especially during rush hour. Motocab can send you professional drivers who will drive you safely to your destinations from roissy cdg. In case of a flight delay, don't worry, your driver will always be waiting for you at the scheduled location as he will be informed about slight delays from the airport website. Once your plane has landed, you will have up to 20 minutes to get back to your motorcycle cab at no extra cost. In case you can't identify him or he hasn't tried to reach you by phone, don't hesitate to call Motocab customer service at 0153901401.

Do you have an emergency? At any time, you can call on Motocab's services to provide you with Parisian cabs in just a few minutes. The start-up locates the closest driver to your location who will be able to reach you quickly.
Do not hesitate to download our application of motorcycle taxiWe will respond within 5 minutes.