How do I get a Motorcycle Taxi Business Card - VMDTR?

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How do I get a VMDTR motorcycle cab business card?

The professional card is a mandatory condition for the practice of the profession of motorcycle taxi. Without it, the specific status of motorcycle cab drivers, introduced in April 2011, remains inaccessible and you are prohibited from practicing this profession, whether independently or supervised by a motorcycle cab agency. That's why you need to know how to obtain the professional card of motorcycle taxi, and there is only one way to obtain it: by passing the training and the motorcycle cab exam.(Registration for VMDTR exam)

The professional card of motorcycle taxi - VMDTR : training and exam

Il n’existe aucune autre façon d’obtenir la carte professionnelle de moto taxi que de passer la formation et l’examen agréés dans un centre spécialisé et reconnu. (Citybird Formation) Si vous souhaitez exercer le métier de chauffeur de taxi-moto, vous devrez donc obligatoirement vous y soumettre.

Those who pass both the theoretical and practical parts of the exam are rewarded with their professional card from motorcycle taxi. But before you can take the exam, you must first complete a mandatory training course.
Since this training and exam is not free, you can go to one of the many motorcycle cab companies that are recruiting and sign a contract stipulating that they will pay for your training in exchange for joining their team of motorcycle cab drivers afterwards.

Course of the examination

Whether you choose to be financed by one of the recruitment companies or not, the exam to obtain the professional card of motorcycle taxi is the same: it is divided into two parts, a theoretical part which is itself subdivided, and a practical part which requires having the first part beforehand.
The first part, the theoretical test, is common to all those who wish to become a VTC or cab. It consists of a written questionnaire on the regulations of public transport, on road safety and on your ability to express yourself in French and English.
This theoretical test will be followed by a second questionnaire, which will deal with road safety issues specific to the use and driving of motorcycles, but also with the handling of a passenger and its commercial development. These are all questions that will be covered during the training.
If you pass the theoretical test, you will be eligible for the theoretical test: the latter consists of a simulation of the motorcycle cab driver's job, with the transportation of a passenger and his luggage on a two- or three-wheeled motorized vehicle. It is only after this practical test that you will obtain, provided of course that you have passed it, the professional card of motorcycle taxi thanks to which you will be able to practice the profession of motorcycle transport driver.

Obtaining a professional card: charging for training

Once you have obtained your professional card, you can choose to be recruited by one of the motorcycle cab companies. However, there is another way to proceed: it consists in seeking recruitment before obtaining this professional card. If you have already obtained your motorcycle license for some time, some companies offer to finance the training necessary to obtain the professional card of motorcycle taxi to those who wish to be recruited. A contract will be drawn up, asking you to work for the agency for a certain period of time after the training. In exchange, you will not have to pay for the training yourself, and you will be able to obtain the necessary qualification to practice this profession with greater ease.