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Honda Motorcycle Taxi

The companies of motorcycle taxi companies have multiplied to the point of being very present on the market today. Each one has its own personalized application and its own offers, which allows everyone to choose their favorite agency according to the additional services offered. Among the selection criteria, there is of course the quality of the service (speed, friendliness, respect of schedules...), but also the proposed equipment: on what type of motorcycle will you be transported? If you have the choice, the Honda brand has motorcycle cabs that are suitable for all types of passengers.

Honda and its quality motorcycle cabs

Many brands also took advantage of the opportunity: with the growing fame of motorcycle cabs, it was necessary to offer vehicles suitable for professional passenger transport. Vehicles created for this purpose were therefore created, such as the Honda Goldwing 1800 cm3 motorcycle cab. This vehicle offers comfort, good handling and progressive acceleration: it allows to reassure the customer, while taking him to his destination as soon as possible.
Some motorcycle cab agencies only offer this vehicle to their drivers who do not have their own motorcycle: if you choose one of these agencies, you are sure to find much more often these vehicles designed for the comfort of the passenger. Some applications even offer the customer, when ordering a ride or booking one, to choose the vehicle on which you would like to be transported. This will allow you to discover the selection of available vehicles, and choose Honda and its revolutionary motorcycle cabs.

Motocab's Goldwing 1800 runs on bioethanol

In order to minimize the ecological impact of our transfers and operating costs, Motocab runs all its Goldwing 1800 motorcycle taxi with bio-ethanol E85 with success and reliability for more than 10 years.

Honda Goldwing 1800 cm3 : a motorcycle adapted to passenger transport

This Honda motorcycle cab is particularly suitable for transporting a client, whether he is in a hurry or looking for comfort. Indeed, depending on the version of the vehicle, it has a backrest on which the passenger can lean, and has pre-installed saddlebags on the side in which it is possible to store helmets and safety equipment to provide him. In addition, it is possible to store a hand luggage if the customer does not want to burden himself with it during the trip.
Its sleek design does not detract from acceleration or top speed, as the engine hides a great deal of power that the machine will not hesitate to demonstrate when accelerating. Yet, this power doesn't sacrifice any of the bike's other features, and its maneuverability and size will allow it to weave through cars during congestion to suffer as little as possible from the throes of the road. Finally, its connected GPS built into the dashboard allows the driver to take you anywhere you want to go without having to think twice: whether you're heading home, to the airport, or anywhere else, you'll always take the fastest route. This is one of the best vehicles that a transport agency can offer to its drivers, and it is predestined to become a Honda motorcycle cab.

The Honda brand

This world-famous brand does not only make motorcycle cabs: Honda is one of the leaders in the motorcycle world. It was founded in China in 1948 by Soichiro Honda and Takeo Fujisawa, and was from the beginning a company that built cars, motorcycles, but also ATVs, scooters and business planes. It has always been a company with a strong presence in the technology sector and has always been in search of innovations in the vehicle sector.
Today, it ranks among the largest motorcycle manufacturers, alongside Tamaha, Suzuki and Harley Davidson. However, it informally owns the favorite vehicle of motorcycle cab agencies: Honda and motorcycle cabs still have a bright future ahead of them.

As of 2019, Honda offers the new Goldwing 1800

Thinner, more efficient, more modern but not necessarily more comfortable the new golwing 1800 2019 is plebiscited by the motorcycle taxi. However, it will take a lot of work to bring the comfort expected by our customers used to the comfort of the old honda goldwing 1800 saddle.