Recruiting motorcycle taxi


Recruiting motorcycle taxi

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Online CV, partner motorcycle taxi :
You are motivated, experienced in driving two wheels, responsible, punctual, aware of the responsibility you have when transporting someone and you have good interpersonal skills. All you need is to have had your license for at least ten years and a 50% bonus to join Motocab's partners.

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Become a driver of motorcycle taxi in detail

The professional card:

To become motorcycle taxiyou will first have to obtain the professional card of transport of people on 2 or 3 wheels. The steps to be authorized to carry out the profession of motorcycle taxi are available on the page obtaining the professional card of motorcycle taxi.


The transport of people by motorcycle is of course subject to specific insurance and the criteria for subscription are very strict. You must have held a driving license for at least 10 years and have the maximum bonus. If you have been insured in a motorcycle trade, our insurer can possibly study your file, the conditions being more flexible for road professionals with experience. There is no minimum age to practice the profession of motorcycle taxi in Paris. The rate will be calculated according to the bonus and you must not have been cancelled by another insurance company.

To own your motorcycle, or not!

You can work with your own vehicle and be affiliated with the Motocab reservation center (provided of course that you provide us with proof of insurance, license and pro card from motorcycle taxi). We can also rent you a vehicle at an advantageous rate including the motorcycle, the complete maintenance and the insurance. This motorcycle is not at all reserved to the exercise of the profession with Motocab, you can completely have your own liberal activity with it.

The status of motorcycle taxi, employee or freelance ?

Unfortunately, the working hours of the motorcycle taxi profession do not allow for the 35-hour work week, since customers travel to airports in the early morning and late evening. For this reason, as far as we know, there are very few salaried motorcycle cabs. The opening of a self-employed status is nowadays widely facilitated and our partners motorcycle taxi are either self-employed or most often self-employed. Some drivers opt for the creation of a limited liability company, it is necessary to have the intention to develop sufficiently its own clientele of motorcycle taxi to consider this type of status. With more than 100 affiliated pilots following all possible legal forms, we are able to guide you towards the most adequate status according to your vision of the profession of motorcycle taxi.

Pilot compensation:

There are a lot of fantasies about the turnover of motorcycle cabs. It is necessary to take into account that there is a seasonality in our work, it is necessary to be very effective during the periods of activity and to have the intelligence to rest at the same time as the passengers. In our reservation center, a normally available driver can claim an average remuneration between 2000 and 3000 € net in addition to his own activity with his own customers.

The customer relationship, a very important point!

When you are motorcycle taxi, you spend your day communicating with demanding passengers who are often in transit to airports. It's your job to make them feel good by giving them a good time. You'll also need to be personable to promote the brand. If you don't like customer contact, forget it motorcycle taxi, it's really the key to success.

The medical visit of motorcycle taxi :

You will also have to pass a medical examination specific to the transport of people by motorcycle. This examination is valid for five years for drivers under 60 years of age, and must be renewed thereafter. You can find the list of approved doctors motorcycle taxi by following this link.

Reservations are mandatory for motorcycle taxi :

The drivers of motorcycle taxi can in no case take customers on the road, at the airports or at the station without reservation. The motorcycle taxi will thus be brought to manage effectively a diary allowing him to optimize its routes. This is the job of dispatchers of motorcycle taxi Motocab dispatchers to provide you with a schedule that allows you to practice motorcycle taxi in the best conditions. It happens frequently to cross a motorcycle taxi at Orly or one motorcycle taxi at Roissy who does not have a reservation and is still waiting for a customer to show up. He is therefore outside the legal exercise of the profession of motorcycle taxi.