Motocab's partners motorcycle taxi

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Motocab's partners motorcycle taxi

Honda France

Meet the majestic Gold Wing 1800 and discover the qualities and performance of the most beautiful motorcycle in the world. Its qualities and performance are the reason why this model makes up our entire fleet and why we continue to acquire it at a steady pace.

Olivier Heim Insurance

Specialist in two-wheeled transport, the insurer Olivier Heim is MOTOCAB's partner to guarantee the serenity of our passengers and their drivers. As a true partner of the company, he is involved in the recruitment of the latter in order to be able to propose an optimal level of guarantee.


If, after transferring to one of our motorcycles, you wish to learn more about the exciting world of two wheels, don't miss the French reference portal for information on motorcycles and scooters. Beyond the quality of the information it provides to the community of two-wheeled transport professionals, the Motoservices portal is an excellent partner of MOTOCAB, especially when it comes to the recruitment of our riders.