VTC motorcycle: who are our drivers?

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VTC motorcycle: who are our drivers?

Getting to and from an airport can be quite complicated due to the usual heavy traffic. While all car cabs are stuck in traffic, opt for a VTC motorcycle! This new mode of transportation has become a must. Indeed, the motorcycle cabs guarantee you a shortened travel time as well as a trip in comfort by a professional of the road. You will be sure to arrive quickly and safely!

VTC moto, your expert drivers

Motocab has always been committed to maintaining a very high level of service in the field of motorcycle passenger transport. If these services manage to remain top of the range, it is also due to the harsh selection to which each of our drivers is subjected.
Indeed, to become a VTC motorcycle driver is not within the reach of just anyone at Motocab! Our teams are carefully selected and each driver we choose to hire has the highest level of experience in the profession.
The VTC motorcycle drivers have a very good driving ability and have experience in Parisian traffic. You can therefore trust them to transport you safely and as quickly as possible.
Thus, Motocab VTC motorcycle drivers must be :

- At least 30 years old
- At least 10 years of driving experience
- A clean insurance statement, whether the driver is responsible or not, for the last 5 years
- Have passed the various aptitude tests and Motocab training courses

Comfortable and safe vehicles

In addition to the high level of your VTC motorcycle drivers, Motocab has chosen to put only the most expensive motorcycles on the market in order to always offer high quality services.
Thus, by choosing Motocab as your mode of transportation, you will systematically travel on board a Honda Goldwing 1800, the absolute reference of motorcycle taxi ! It would be out of the question to make you travel on a simple scooter. Your VTC motorcycle driver will offer you a service that meets all your expectations.
You will be comfortably installed on your ergonomic and heated passenger seat. Meanwhile, your GPS-equipped driver has a perfect command of the route. He will easily avoid traffic jams and you will only have to relax while he will transport you to your destination in the shortest time possible.
The Honda Goldwing is also equipped with a large trunk and side cases. You will be able to store all your luggage without difficulty! In addition, your driver will provide you with a full-face helmet in your size with a single-use cap. You will also have a protective jacket and gloves.
Even in case of bad weather, Motocab guarantees that you will be impeccably dressed at the end of the trip! You will have overboots and a Gore-Tex apron to cover your legs.
Finally, rest assured, each of our vehicles is of course insured for the transport of people, and this, for a fee. You will benefit from an airbag vest so that your experience of motorcycle taxi is as reassuring as you wish.
Moreover, Motocab has been the privileged partner of Axa for many years. Therefore, even bodily injuries will be covered in full! So you can book your motorcycle taxi with your eyes closed, you will arrive at your destination without any problems and in record time!