Motorcycle cabs: make the choice of safety

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Motorcycle cabs: make the choice of safety

To be sure to arrive at your destination as quickly as possible, choose Motocab motorcycle cabs! This new mode of transportation allows you to easily avoid traffic jams, making you arrive in record time and in complete safety. We have professional drivers and a fleet of motorcycle cabs in the field of motorcycle passenger transport. Do not hesitate any longer and book your motorcycle taxi at or directly online!

Confirmed drivers of motorcycle taxi

When you choose motorcycle taxi from Motocab, you will be sure to travel with top level drivers. Indeed, we want to maintain a high degree of requirement as regards our services in order to remain the best in the profession of motorcycle transport of people. Therefore, our drivers are very experienced and meticulously selected by us.
Your motorcycle taxi will be particularly experienced in the field of motorcycle driving. Moreover, he will have an excellent knowledge and experience of the Parisian traffic and will be able to avoid easily the traffic jams in full safety. As you can see, our drivers at motorcycle taxi are the most efficient in the industry! It is also important to know that not just anyone can become a driver for motorcycle taxi . Indeed, each of our drivers must have validated different criteria before being hired, namely:
- Be at least 30 years old
- Have at least 10 years of experience after obtaining the driving license
- Have a clean insurance record, whether the driver is responsible or not, for the last 5 years
- Pass several individual interviews and practice tests
- Validate a training course with a confirmed driver as a guide
It is only after passing all these tests that a candidate can become a driver of motorcycle taxi and transport you in the best possible conditions. Moreover, our pilots are regularly evaluated in order to refine not only their piloting capacities, but also their relational qualities.
You can even choose the driver with whom you have the most affinity via our Motocab application. Thus, we wish to maintain a very high level of service so that our services correspond to all your expectations.

Motorcycle cabs for your comfort and safety

In order to maintain the highest level of quality in our services, we have chosen to ride only the most expensive motorcycles on the market. Indeed, at Motocab, we believe that a trip on motorcycle taxi should be as comfortable as possible for your well-being.
Therefore, we suggest you to book a driver from motorcycle taxi who will come to pick you up on board of a Honda Goldwing 1800. These particularly spacious and comfortable models will allow you to reach your destination quickly, and in all serenity.

You will be installed in a heated and ergonomic passenger seat while your pilot will drive you, armed with his GPS and with his great mastery of the Parisian traffic. All you have to do is relax, listen to the radio, or make a call through your headset.
In a few minutes, you will have arrived at your destination thanks to your driver able to avoid traffic jams, even during rush hours!
Finally, as your safety and satisfaction are particularly important to us, you will be provided with all the necessary safety equipment to protect you from all kinds of danger and to reassure you.