The quality approach

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The quality approach

Punctuality, security and controls:

When it comes to motorcycle taxi, the quality of service is not only measured by the stopwatch. The men and women of MOTOCAB have always known how to listen to their customers and make sure that from the pick-up to the drop-off, all the elements involved in a successful transfer are studied and optimized. Thus, the safety on board, the punctuality and the comfort of MOTOCAB transfers have become factors of loyalty that allow most of the company's customers to become regular users.

Internalized standard:

Motocab's telephone operators are in Boulogne Billancourt in our premises and are all professionals of motorcycle taxi. With the help of dispatchers who know perfectly the specificities of motorcycle taxi in Paris, they ensure the perfect fluidity in the agendas to guarantee you the best punctuality.

Insurance motorcycle taxi:

In terms of insurance, a close partnership has been established with a leading company and a set of specific policies has been taken out. Passengers, third parties with respect to the driver, are covered for all bodily injury, consequential material and immaterial damage that they may suffer as a result of a traffic accident, and this in an unlimited manner, from the moment they get on the vehicle to the moment they get off, these two actions included.

Information system:

The MOTOCAB back-office is also subject to constant care. A sophisticated real-time reservation and fleet management platform contributes to the provision of a responsive service and allows MOTOCAB to assume the necessary flexibility to adapt to the unforeseen schedules of its customers. The manufacturing processes are constantly evolving and we are already at the 3rd generation of this bio-fuel.