Dispatcher of motorcycle taxi

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Dispatcher of motorcycle taxi

The dispatcher is in constant contact with the company's customers and the fleet of motorcycle taxi in partnership with Motocab.

This is the core of our business as it allows pilots to be on time for customer pick-ups.

The regulation imposes the reservation of the motorcycle taxi. The dispatcher's job is to optimize the pilots' schedules in order to limit the waiting time (especially at airports and train stations) while maximizing the daily turnover and guaranteeing punctuality to our customers.

Of course, the dispatcher is helped by a very powerful computer tool that gives him real-time visibility on the position of the motorcycle cabs he is in charge of, on aircraft delays at the airports or simply on the delays of his own customers.

At Motocab, the IT tool is developed in-house to meet the specific needs of motorcycle taxi. It is also this tool that will manage the billing and subscriptions.

How to become a dispatcher?

At Motocab we prefer former drivers of motorcycle taxi as they have an essential field experience which cannot be acquired otherwise than by being on the road for many years. It is also necessary to have an excellent relationship with the customers while doing everything possible to improve the daily well-being of the drivers.

As motorcycle taxi is still reserved for an elitist and demanding clientele, the quality of our service particularly on the respect of the schedules of the catches in charge must be irreproachable. The motorcycle taxi is a small market, we must always do our best to satisfy our customers. In case of difficulty in finding available drivers to ensure his reservations, the dispatcher can call upon a fleet of independent motorcycle cabs that have contracted with the Motocab reservation center. Today, the overflow fleet is made up of about a hundred motorcycle taxi.