The motorcycle taxi in Ile de France and suburbs

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The motorcycle taxi in Ile de France and suburbs

Motorcycle cabs in the Paris area save you time

motorcycle taxi ile de france This means of transport, motorcycle taxi , is operated by MOTOCAB throughout the Paris region.

To facilitate all your trips from Paris to the whole Paris region, or vice versa, do not look for a cab or vtc in Paris for hours. Instead, opt for the motorcycle taxi in Paris.

Did you know that the Ile de France is known to be the most congested region in France? The traffic is particularly dense, especially during rush hour and on the outskirts of the capital. By using the services of a Parisian cab, you are never sure to arrive on time to your appointments in the Paris region. As for public transportation, it is less and less reliable and often crowded. To get out of this urban jungle, you can choose to travel by motorcycle taxi. This innovative mode of transportation has many advantages: time saving, economical, comfortable... Why not use it?

How to book a motorcycle taxi in Ile de France ?

The reservation of a motorcycle taxi is mandatory in France. We advise our customers to book well in advance in order to fully enjoy the services of motorcycle cabs honda goldwing MOTOCAB throughout their journey. To do this, nothing could be easier:

- make a reservation via our central reservation office at 01 53 90 14 01
- book via our website www.motocab.com
- download the mobile application available on ios and android, and book directly on your mobile.

You indicate your name, first name, addresses of departure and destination. You will receive a confirmation by email or SMS, all the information related to your trip are indicated: name of the driver, travel time and fare For an immediate request motorcycle cabs, do not hesitate to call us, our operators will do their best to satisfy your request as soon as possible.
In the greatest respect of your commitments, MOTOCAB shows punctuality: our professional drivers foresee a sufficient lapse of time which thus allows you to travel without any stress in full safety.

Rates for trips in Ile de France

MOTOCAB offers you very attractive prices starting at 43€ TTC (*) for your transfers from all the towns in the Paris area.
Our rates are fixed in advance depending on the day and time of your motorcycle cab transfer but also depending on the date of your reservation.
Check the price of your trip using the MOTOCAB online simulator. This way you will not have any unpleasant surprises since you know the price in advance.

For your trips to train stations and airports motorcycle taxi to Orly and motorcycle taxi in RoissyWe offer you very attractive packages allowing you to join your train or plane in all serenity. No need to look for a place in a parking lot or lose points on your license, the motorcycle cabs honda goldwing are there to relieve you and accompany you.

When booking your motorcycle, to avoid wasting extra time, all our motorcycle reservations are made by registering your payment card. The debit of your race on your account will be carried out only 48 hours after your way.

Travel time for motorcycle taxi in the Ile de France region

More and more Parisian companies decide to set up in the suburbs to reduce their fixed costs. If this is your case, you may be required to make frequent trips to Paris in the course of your business. The good news is that a motorcycle taxi can take you to Paris in less than a quarter of an hour if you are located in the inner suburbs of the Paris region. Your company is located in Boulogne Billancourt or Evry? Instead of waiting for a cab or a vtc, and wasting your time in the urban traffic, reach your destination in less than 25 minutes, by taking a motorcycle taxi. Do you have to reach the airport at rush hour? Don't add any extra stress and use the motorcycle reservation to get there with peace of mind. Count on average 25 minutes to reach orly south from boulogne billancourt, and 35 minutes to reach the airport from Paris intra-muros.

The comfort of motorcycle cabs

MOTOCAB has established since 2001 THE standard of the best motorcycle transport for its professional drivers with the honda goldwing. It is the only vehicle on the 2-wheeled market that can transport passengers in unequalled comfort. It is also one of the only 2-wheeled vehicles that has the same technology as cars for transporting people. Motocab motorcycle cabs are equipped with airbag vests for your safety.