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Mobile Application


Download the reservation application of the motorcycle taxiIOS and Android download link or online motorcycle reservation.

Choice of your private driver:

You have made several trips with our motorcycle cabs, you can choose the drivers you feel most comfortable with. You can also revoke the driver of motorcycle taxi who did not necessarily satisfy you.

Reservation deadline on the mobile application:

The reservation being automatic in our system, we voluntarily blocked the delay of obtaining the vehicle to 10 minutes for the safety of our drivers. At Orly and Roissy CDG airports, obtaining a vehicle at the last minute requires a large logistical deployment, so the trips cannot be cancelled with a reservation within the hour. more information on our application motorcycle taxi.

We don't operate on a just-in-time basis, but by building agendas for our drivers. Unlike a company like Uber that looks for drivers at the time of the trip, Motocab's drivers have control over their schedules, thus avoiding the stress that can be dangerous on a motorcycle. The small number of motorcycle taxi in Paris available does not allow today to do without reservation with a central able to answer you in a clear way and in advance on the availabilities of the drivers.

Which drivers on your application?

Motocab's mobile application connects you with independent drivers affiliated to our motorcycle booking center. The drivers are all obviously tested, their insurance is checked and we scrupulously verify that they are in conformity with the directives of the public authorities.

Printing of invoices:

Your invoices are available directly in our application and you can receive them immediately on the email you have entered in our application dedicated to the motorcycle taxi.

Payment of orders:

If you do not have a subscription, a credit card will be requested by the system at the time of the reservation, this one will be taken as a guarantee, by default, this one will be used for the payment of your transfer. The driver may have to check that you are the cardholder when you are picked up.

Transfer prices from our app:

They are the same as on our website but the simulator is much more complete since you have access to our pricing algorithm.
Paris intra muros - motorcycle taxi to Orly : 68 €
Paris intra muros - motorcycle taxi to Roissy : 88 €

Application of the drivers:

If you are a motorcycle cab driver and wish to join our reservation center, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can install the application dedicated to drivers. An appointment to get acquainted with the application, to check your driving and your insurance contract will be the first step to your affiliation. link to theapplication for professional drivers.