motorcycle taxi North Station

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motorcycle taxi North Station

How much does motorcycle taxi cost?

Gare du Nord - Paris: 45 € min
Gare du Nord - Orly aéroport: 75 €
Gare du Nord - Gare de Lyon: 43 €
Gare du Nord - CDG aéroport: 97 €
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Time from Gare du Nord in motorcycle taxi:

motorcycle taxi from Gare du Nord to Paris 15: 25 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare du Nord to La Défense: 35 min
motorcycle taxi to Roissy to Gare du Nord: 35 min
motorcycle taxi to Orly to Gare du Nord: 30 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare du Nord to Gare Montparnasseto Gare Montparnasse : 25 min

Coming from Belgium, Holland or London, the Thalys and Eurostar trains are pouring out a crowd at the Gare du Nord and it is obviously at this place that the motorcycle taxi in Paris takes all its meaning.

In the 18th district of Paris, getting out of the Rue de Maubeuge and the area around the Gare du Nord is extremely difficult with a traditional cab, we advise you to book your taxi as soon as possible. motorcycle taxi.

Meeting point at the Gare du Nord:

You will find your motorcycle taxi in front of the Hippopotamus restaurant (Google Map).
just in front of the main exit of the Gare du Nord (precise address: 27 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris).

Our telephone operators are all perfectly familiar with the geography of the Gare du Nord, so don't hesitate to contact them so that they can direct you in case of difficulty in finding your motorcycle taxi.

Book your motorcycle taxi from your train:

You can book your motorcycle from your train before arriving at the Gare du Nord. Our information system allows us to quickly identify the available drivers according to the arrival time of your TGV, Thalys or Eurostar at the station.
To guarantee you a vehicle, it is preferable to book at least 3 hours in advance.
Please note that if you go to the Gare du Nord to take a Eurostar, you will have to go through customs at least 1/2 hour before boarding the train. For the Thalys, 15 minutes are usually enough.

Connection between Gare du Nord and Gare de Lyon

A great classic of impossible travel, your train arrives at the Gare du Nord and your departure in Gare de Lyon is 35 minutes later. Don't panic, our service of motorcycle taxi will make you this connection in full safety and without hurrying (allow 20 minutes on the motorcycle). Your driver will be happy to drop you off in front of the hall of your departure of tgv on simple request of your share.

Don't get the wrong driver at the Gare Du Nord

There can be dozens of motorcycles waiting at the Gare du Nord. To avoid getting the wrong motorcycle taxi, give your name to the driver, give the name of Motocab and especially ask him to confirm the destination address that appears on his application. If he doesn't know your drop-off address, there is every chance that you are dealing with a driver who is not affiliated to the Motocab reservation center and will ask you for payment at the end of the trip. Be careful!