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motorcycle taxi Gare de Lyon

The motorcycle taxi at La gare de Lyon, an institution:

motorcycle taxi lyon station

The Gare de Lyon is THE destination for business travel. Do you travel regularly to Paris and are you looking for a means of transport to reach your meetings in the Parisian suburbs or in Paris itself? The motorcycle taxi by Motocab is the solution for a quick trip, without traffic jams while controlling costs and travel time (rates fixed in advance).

The Gare de Lyon, located in the heart of the 12th arrondissement in Paris. With an average speed of 15,2 KM/h in Paris, it seemed obvious that the motorcycle taxi was the natural solution to leave this Parisian station.

Price of the motorcycle taxi for the Gare de Lyon:

Gare de Lyon - Paris: €43
Gare de Lyon - Orly airport: 68 €
Gare de Lyon - Gare du Nord: 43 €
Gare de Lyon - CDG airport: 88 €
Other rates with our simulator of fare simulator motorcycle taxi

The Gare de Lyon is in the center of Paris, near the Bastille district, close to the Gare d'Austerlitz and Bercy. This part of Paris is crossed by the platforms and access is extremely complicated other than by motorcycle taxi.

Need a motorcycle taxi quickly at the Gare de Lyon:

Paris being the place in the Ilede France where motorcycle cabs are concentrated, you can try to book your motorcycle at the last moment by contacting our switchboard. The operators will give you a reliable time to get your motorcycle taxi.

How to find your motorcycle taxi in Paris Gare de Lyon ?

Your pilot will be waiting for you under the clock in the main courtyard of the Gare de Lyon (Place Louis Armand, 75012 - Paris).

Our telephone operators are all perfectly familiar with the geography of the Gare de Lyon, so don't hesitate to contact them so that they can direct you in case of difficulty in finding your motorcycle taxi.

When I arrived at the Lyon train station, I was in a hurry, how to pay in advance?

When you make your reservation with our central office or from our mobile application, you must have provided a credit card number that can be used to pay for your transfer. Your motorcycle taxi service will be debited the day after your trip and you do not have to take out your wallet. Practical, isn't it? From subscriptions are also available for regular users of our motorcycle taxi service.

Fast connections between Parisian stations:

It happens very often that our customers try to quickly reach another Parisian station from the Gare de Lyon to catch a train connection (especially Thalys or Eurostar). It will take about 15 minutes between the Gare de Lyon and the Gare de Paris Montparnasse. By motorcycle taxi to Gare Saint Lazare, 25 minutes. From Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord, 20 minutes. Please allow time to reach your pilot and 5 minutes to get equipped.

How long does it take to get to motorcycle taxi from La gare de Lyon:

motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to Paris 16: 20 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to La Défense: 35 min
motorcycle taxi to Roissy to Gare de Lyon: 45 min
motorcycle taxi to Orly to Gare de Lyon: 25 min

motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to Montparnasse stationto Montparnasse station : 12 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to gare d'Austerlitzfrom Gare de Lyon to Gare d'Austerlitz : 5 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to gare du Nordfrom Gare de Lyon to Gare du Nord : 25 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to gare de L'Estfrom Gare de Lyon to Gare de L'Est : 25 min
motorcycle taxi from Gare de Lyon to Gare Saint Lazare: 20 min

The brand usurpation at the Gare De Lyon

We draw your attention to the fact that many drivers of motorcycle taxi are waiting at the Lyon train station and they do not necessarily have a reservation. This is a sensitive point as they may be tempted to pretend to be Motocab drivers and ask you to pay for the ride once you arrive at your destination. We invite you to contact us urgently in this case so that we can solve the problem with the motorcycle taxi in question in the best conditions of courtesy and safety.