How to avoid delays with the motorcycle taxi at Charles-de-Gaulle T1 airport?

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How to avoid delays with the motorcycle taxi at Charles-de-Gaulle T1 airport?

The situation of Charles-de-Gaulle airport

motorcycle taxi Roissy CDG T1

Located 25 km from Paris, Roissy airport is connected to the capital by the RER with an arrival at the CDG 2F terminal and some bus lines. However, public transportation to the capital is long and not always reliable.
If you are coming back from a long trip, and you arrive late at the airport, you will surely want to get to your destination quickly. This is one of the reasons why it is better to choose the motorcycle taxi to CDG airport T1.

Paris Charles-de-Gaulle Airport: the second largest airport in Europe

Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport is the largest airport in France, and the second busiest airport in Europe. In 2017, it welcomed over 69 million passengers. It is the main airport for Air France and the main hub for Delta Airlines.
It is also connected to the Thalys train line to Belgium. Inaugurated in 1974, Terminal 1 welcomes many companies. This influx of flights led to the creation of Terminal 2 in 2003. With so much traffic, our company Motocab, receives many requests for motorcycle cabs at CDG T1 airport.

Why choose motorcycle taxi at CDG terminal 1?

Whether you are landing at Terminal 1 or want to go there, motorcycle taxi is the most convenient way to get there. It will reduce your travel time to the capital or to your train connection.
You can travel comfortably without worrying about traffic problems. You will not be encumbered by your luggage as it can be the case in public transport. Our motorcycle cabs at CDG T1 airport are equipped to take care of your hand luggage. All you have to do is to settle down and enjoy the trip.

Transfer time and linkage

Knowing that a cab can take between 50 minutes and 2 hours to arrive at Roissy, and that the traffic between Porte de la Chapelle and the airport is very often saturated, the use of a motorcycle taxi at CDG T1 airport is almost indispensable.
Indeed, the motorcycle taxi does not have the same disadvantages as the car cab. Our service of motorcycle-taxis will transport you in less than 45 minutes to the airport from Paris. As for the connection to Orly airport, which is regularly requested, it takes 50 minutes. For any transfer, count approximately 10 minutes of beat for the catch in charge.

Reminder of motorcycle cab rates to other destinations

L’avantage de choisir le taxi moto à l’aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle, c’est de connaître le tarif à l’avance. Nous appliquons des tarifs fixes pour tous les transferts :

• Taxi moto Roissy CDG – Paris : 97 €
• Taxi moto Roissy CDG – La Défense : 97 €
• Taxi moto Roissy CDG – Orly : 137 €

Meeting points

Several motorcycle cabs are waiting for their customers at the terminal exit. To find your motorcycle taxi at CDG T1 airport, it's simple: he will be waiting for you at the door of the Terminal 1 at the departure level. He will send you a text message reminding you of the meeting place with a picture so that you can find him easily.

What happens if I am late?

We have real-time access to information from Charles de Gaulle airport. In case of delay of your plane, there will be no additional cost. We will redispatch our pilots and get you an available one at the new arrival time of your flight.
Once you have landed, you have 20 minutes to retrieve your luggage and meet your pilot from motorcycle taxi at CDG T1 airport at no extra cost.

Companies departing from T1 at CDG

- Aegean Airlines (A3 / AEE)
- Aer Lingus (EI / EIN)
- Air China (CA / CCA)
- All Nippon Airways (NH / ANA)
- Asiana Airlines (OZ / AAR)
- Cabo Verde TACV (VR / TCV)
- Camair
-Co (QC / CRC)
- ECair (LC / 9BQ)
- Egyptair (MS / MSR)
- Eva Airways (BR / EVA)
- Kuwait Airways (KU / KAC)
- The Company (B0 / DJT)
- Norwegian (DY / NAX)
- Pakistan Intl. Airlines (PK / PIA)
- Qatar Airways (QR / QTR)
- Royal Air Maroc (AT / RAM)
- Singapore Airlines (SQ / SIA)
- Srilankan Airlines (UL / ALK)
- TAM Linhas Aereas (JJ / TAM)
- Tassili Airlines (SF / DTH)
- Thai Airways Intl (TG / THA)
- Turkish Airlines (TK / THY)
- United Airlines (UA / UAL)
- Ural Airlines (U6 / SVR)