Our motorcycle cab service at Charles de Gaulle airport T2A

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Our motorcycle cab service at Charles de Gaulle airport T2A

Motocab's transfer service

motorcycle taxi Roissy CDG T2A

Those who travel regularly know that getting to Roissy airport from Paris or the Paris suburbs can be very complicated. Between traffic jams or train delays, it is not always easy to decide how to get to Roissy.
Instead of taking a car cab that might take a while to arrive, why not go to T2A, CDG airport in motorcycle taxi? Motocab's services ensure a smooth transfer. The duration of the trip does not vary, regardless of the traffic conditions. Instead of traveling in crowded RER trains, you can choose the comfort of a motorcycle cab. Motocab provides excellent services at fixed rates.
We can drop you off in less than 45 minutes by motorcycle cab at Charles de Gaulle T2A airport from Paris. We also provide transfers from the airport to train stations, Orly airport or La Defense.

Motocab transfers from Roissy airport to other destinations

The majority of our customers ask us for a transfer between an airport and Paris. Thanks to the motorcycle cab, you will quickly find yourself in the center of Paris, or in one of its many stations if you have a connection.
We often transport people between the airports of Roissy and Orly. The price is determined before the beginning of the transfer. Moreover, you should know that in case of delay of your flight, your motorcycle cab at CDG T2A airport will wait for you. No extra charge will be applied.

Tarifs fixes vers ou depuis l’aéroport de Roissy CDG :
• Taxi moto aéroport de Roissy CDG – Paris : 97 €
• Taxi moto aéroport de Roissy CDG – La Défense : 97 €
• Taxi moto aéroport de Roissy CDG – Orly : 137 €

Pour la connexion entre les aéroports de Roissy et d’Orly, il faut compter 50 minutes et ajouter environ 10 minutes avec la prise en charge.

How do you find your pilot when you leave the terminal?

If you have booked a motorcycle cab at CDG T2A airport, you can meet your driver at gate 8 of Terminal 2A. As Roissy airport is very large, you will have to make sure to indicate precisely your terminal to find your driver.
At the exit of the terminal, you will notice a dozen drivers of motorcycle taxi waiting for their passengers. To find yours more easily, you will receive an SMS with a reminder of the meeting point and a photo to recognize him. All our partners drive Honda Goldwing motorcycles, which are the preferred vehicle of drivers and customers. If you are lost, you can contact our call center, which knows the geography of the airport very well and will be able to direct you easily.

Important information to give when making your reservation

When booking a motorcycle cab at CDG T2A airport, you must indicate your flight number, the airline, the origin, as well as the landing time of the plane. You can make your reservation online on our website, or by phone at 01 53 90 14 01.

How to find the motorcycle cab in case of delay?

If your flight is delayed, you will not be charged any additional fees. We are informed in real time of aircraft delays. We manage our pilots' schedules directly and reschedule them accordingly. Our golden rule is punctuality and efficiency. We will do our best to find an available pilot to pick you up by motorcycle cab at CDG T2A airport as soon as you arrive.
After the plane lands, you have 20 minutes to meet your driver. If you need more time, we will apply a delay charge according to the general conditions in force.
Terminal 2A is the twin of terminal CDG 2B, the two terminals are facing each other, you must be careful not to pass from one to the other in the maze of corridors and wait for the motorcycle in the wrong place.

Companies departing from T2A at CDG

- Air Algérie* (AH / DAH)
- Air Astana (KC / KZR)
- Air Canada (AC / ACA)
- Air Seychelles* (HM / SEY)
- Air Tahiti Nui (TN / THT)
- American Airlines (AA / AAL)
- British Airways (BA / BAW)
- Cathay Pacific Airways (CX / CPA)
- El Al - Israel Airlines (LY / ELY)
- Etihad Airways* (EY / ETD)
- Ethiopian Airlines (ET / ETH)
- Hainan Airlines (HU / CHH)
- Oman Air (WY / OMA)
- Royal Jordanian (RJ / RJA)
- XL Airways (SE / XLF) - long distance flights