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Why choose motorcycle taxi by Motocab?

The largest fleet of motorcycle cabs in Paris and its airports:

With more than 90 professional drivers, Motocab is the company with the most reactive fleet on the market motorcycle taxi . Every day, we answer your requests concerning the availability of our motorcycle taxi on a simple call to our switchboard. Whether it is from the big cities ofIle-de-France or for a displacement in motorcycle taxi in Paris, our Honda Goldwing motorcycles are at your disposal.

Make the choice of confidence and security with our pilots of motorcycle taxi !

pilot choice motorcycle taxi

Thanks to The reservation application Motocab(download), you can directly choose the driver who will transport you. As a regular user of our company, you will be sure to be transported by the drivers with whom you have the most affinity. And since motorcycle taxi is first and foremost a matter of trust, you should know that our motorcycles are regularly inspected to ensure your safety is impeccable. For this purpose, we systematically provide you with an Airbag vest.

State-of-the-art logistics at the service of motorcycle taxi since 2001

Motocab is the pioneer of motorcycle taxi in France. The company has evolved over the years, developing a computer tool dedicated to the reservation and management of motorcycle taxi in Paris. Over time, our expertise has shifted to certain types of trips and we are now experts in transportation to airports: motorcycle taxi to Roissy CDG and motorcycle taxi to Orly. We control the movements of our fleet in real time and the human element remains at the heart of motorcycle taxi by Motocab with 5 dispatchers who permanently control the smooth running of transfers.

Simply book your motorcycle taxi with Motocab

Whether you are already familiar with transportation at motorcycle taxi or you are just a one-time passenger, our application is made for you. At Motocab, we are experts in transporting professionals on business trips or in transfers to train stations and airports. If you are an assistant who needs to manage a large number of transfers in motorcycle taxi for your employees, our customer area is made for you (consolidated end of month invoices, booking codes, SMS and email confirmations, etc.).

A Premium positioning with a controlled price

We ride the most expensive motorcycles on the market because a motorcycle taxi in Paris must be comfortable. We answer all your questions about motorcycle cabs from a call center located in our offices in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. As experts in professional transportation, we provide our drivers with a complete, expensive and always renewed equipment. This choice of quality service makes us the leaders of motorcycle taxi in Paris and we can offer the best quality of service at the same price as our competitors thanks to a higher volume of orders.

The Goldwing 1800, the absolute reference of the motorcycle taxi

pilot choice motorcycle taxi

In order to ensure your comfort, we have chosen to offer you the most comfortable motorcycle, the Honda Goldwing 1800. At Motocab, no scooters! Real motorcycles for real motorcycle taxi ! You are on a means of transportation with a heated seat, able to carry your suitcase and a soft bag. All Motocab vehicles are equipped to run on bioethanol.

Link the stations of Paris in motorcycle taxi !

Access to Parisian train stations can be terribly congested, so remember to book your motorcycle taxi especially for a weekend departure from one of these stations: motorcycle taxi gare de Lyon, motorcycle taxi Gare du Nord, motorcycle taxi gare d'Austerlitz, motorcycle taxi Saint Lazare station, motorcycle taxi Gare de l'Est, motorcycle taxi Montparnasse station.

Airbag vest, insurance and safety!

For even more safety, our fleet drivers offer you Airbags made in France for a more reassuring experience at motorcycle taxi. The insurance is subscribed with AXA which was one of the first insurance companies to work with Motocab since 2001.

Motocab Event, make your events move with our fleet of motorcycle taxi :

pilot choice motorcycle taxi

From 5 to 80 motorcycles with professional drivers, we come with you to coordinate the operation. Download our brochure and offer a unique experience to your guests with motorcycle taxi .

Link the airports of Paris in motorcycle taxi !

Vous souhaitez vous rendre dans l’un des aéroports de Paris en taxi moto ? Vous êtes au bon endroit ! Que vous cherchiez un taxi moto à Roissy CDG ou un taxi moto à Orly, vous pouvez faire appel aux chauffeurs de Motocab. Le taxi moto, c'est l'assurance de relier la capitale rapidement ou, à sens inverse, de ne pas rater son embarquement ! Concernant vos bagages, pas de panique : votre valise cabine logera parfaitement sur notre Moto Honda Goldwing.
En termes de temps, il faut compter environ 40 minutes de Paris à Roissy CDG et 25 minutes de Paris à Orly. Pour les vols avec correspondance, comptez environ 50 minutes pour faire la liaison Orly-Roissy en taxi moto.

Du côté des tarifs, les nôtres sont fixes et il vous en coutera 97 € de Paris à Roissy CDG, 75 € pour l'aéroport d'Orly et 137 € pour la liaison Orly-Roissy.